A New On-Chain Indicator For Accurate Identification of Bitcoin Global Cycle Highs.

By Philip Swift.

This new indicator builds on previous ideas developed in the blockchain analysis space. If you're not familiar with them, I highly recommend taking the time to review them as they are excellent and, in my…

Unlocking the mathematically organic nature of Bitcoin adoption

By Philip Swift

Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this article should be considered as investment or trading advice.

As Bitcoin continues to progress on its adoption journey, we learn more about its growth trajectory.

Rather than Bitcoin price action behaving like a traditional stock market share price, we see it act…

A useful mid-point between passive HODL and high-risk margin trading.

Two of the most commonly discussed investment strategies within the Bitcoin space are HODL and margin trading. To summarize:

  • HODL: continuing to hold your bitcoin no matter what happens to the price, in the belief that their value will rise over time.
  • Margin Trading: placing trades on whether the price…

A new leading indicator for Bitcoin price during its major market cycles

By PositiveCrypto

There have been some exciting developments in blockchain analysis over the past few months. Highlights include:

Philip Swift (@PositiveCrypto)

Crypto Trader and Investor. Market Cycles + Blockchain Analysis + Market Psychology. Follow me on Twitter for my analysis @positivecrypto

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